Painting of Vision of Saint Augustine by Garofalo [1481-1559]

Moments of Vision [Hampton]

Saturday 13 July 2024
19:00 to 21:00

Yeo Yat-Soon - harpsichord - will describe and illustrate the connections between music written between 1420 and 1800 and eight pieces of art.


This concert is part of a regular series of early music performances held in the Georgian jewel of Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare [], which sits by the Thames in Hampton.

Admission is always cheaper when booked in advance, and there are concessions for under-21s, students, the unemployed and volunteers at the venue. On the door, tickets cost £16 - with half price concessions for the same people.

Anyone able and willing to listen is welcome to come along, and there is no need to print this ticket as a record is kept at the front desk.


To book tickets, click here.


The painting is 'Vision of Saint Augustine' by Garofalo [1481 - 1559], made in 1520-35, reproduced by kind permission of the National Gallery.

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07949 652 315
Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare, Garrick's Lawns, Hampton Court Road
Hampton on Thames
TW12 2BZ
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Cost £16 on the door, £14 in advance. Half price under-18s/students/unemployed