V&A Chinese Gallery

Musical journeys from the Dawn of the Global Age [London]

Thursday 26 October 2023
15:00 to 16:40

At the V&A museum, Divertissements Chinois reconstruct a concert from 17th-19th-century China when cultural ties with Europe were flourishing:


Philippa Hyde - Soprano

William Summers - Baroque Flute, Recorder

Diane Moore - Baroque Violin

Ibrahim Aziz - Bass Viol

Agnes Chin - Guzheng

Yeo Yat-Soon - Harpsichord


Admission to this concert is free, and is supported by Continuo Foundation. You can find out more details via https://www.vam.ac.uk/event/eXK4Jw8eawn/first-encounters-musical-journeys-from-the-dawn-of-the-global-age


Generously supported by;
Continuo Foundation www.continuoconnect.com
Asian Art in London www.asianartinlondon.com
Contact William
07949 652 315
Cromwell Road
South Kensington
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Cost Free admission