Harpsichord and Ghuzheng

'First Encounters 1' - Musical Journeys from the first Age of Globalisation [Hampton]

Saturday 22 October 2022
19:00 to 21:00

Yeo Yat-Soon [Harpsichord] and Agnes Chin [Ghuzheng - a Chinese zither] explore the musical and cultural links between Western Europe and Asia, particularly with reference to the Jesuit missionaries Matteo Ricci and Jean Amiot in China and William Hamilton Bird's arrangements of melodies from Calcutta.

Admission costs £12, either on the door or in advance:

Contact William
07949 652 315
Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare, Garrick's Lawn, Hampton Court Road
TW12 2EN
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Cost £12 adults; £6 temple volunteers and carers; free for children