Rachel's Tears [London]

Monday 16 December 2019
19:30 to 21:30

Medieval ensemble Lazarus perform for the first half of this evening of  Christmas music; the secnd half will be given by Baroque Encounters


When the Normans set about abolishing slavery, they had little idea of the flowering of art it was to produce. Using large back projections of the original artwork, Rachel’s Tears celebrates the Balkan, Syrian and Egyptian artists of the Frescos of Hardham (West Sussex) and Saint- Martin de Fenollar (French Pyrenees). Working in the generation after Hastings, they brought to life the narrative friezes created directly on the walls of their ‘Bethlehem’ meeting houses in a musical performance which recounted their history and their long journeys. As these ‘picture-tellers’ blended the story of The Angel’s Message with elements of Hinduism and the Near Eastern magic of the Magi, they confirmed their unorthodox, egalitarian faith, telling a Nativity story like no other.



Sophia Brumfitt singer
William Summers flutes and recorders
Rebecca Austen-Brown fiddles, recorders
Arngeir Hauksson lute, gittern, davul
Keith McGowan harp, flute and programme research

Contact William
020 7377 1644
London Festival Orchestra, The Warehouse, 13 Theed Street
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Cost £27