In a wooden chamber: Classical and Romantic music [Twickenham]

Sunday 01 September 2019
14:30 to 20:15

The London Abel Quartet provides an authentic sound of Georgian smoothness, using period instruments, with occasional flashes of drama. Combining the sweetness of the flute with rich string instruments, it encompasses the worlds of Baroque London, the French Revolution and the stirrings of Romanticism. Combining with guitar, today’s performances move from elaborating the bass lines of Haydn’s quartet with chords to the Romantic use of the instrument’s full expressive potential in solos by Sor and Carcassi.


William Summers - Flute

Diane Moore - Violin

Diane Terry - Viola

Anna Tam - Cello


with Jamie Akers - Guitar

Performances will take place at 2.30 and 5pm, lasting not more than one hour. 


Tickets available from


Contact William
07949 652 315
Marble Hill House, Richmond Road
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Cost £13-£16 []