Lazarus Rising and the Tears of Rachel: Medieval music from the Hardham friezes [London]

Saturday 15 December 2018
16:00 to 17:30

Repeating the programme for 6th. December [in Gloucestershire] in a beautiful Georgian church, this programme is inspired by frescoes from churches in Hardham, Sussex, which depict unconventional interpretations of Biblical scenes and characters - similar to Cathar traditions -  and sometimes include instruments.


The musicians will perform music drawn from Medieval and folk traditions to reinterpret Christmas.

Those who wish to learn more about the frescoes should find Keith McGowan's page on Facebook.


Sophia Brumfitt - Voice

William Summers - Medieval Flute, Recorder

Keith McGowan - Medieval Harp and Flute, Bagpipes 


Admission is £15 at the door, or £12 [£6 children] in advance: Click here to buy tickets

Contact William
07949 652 315
St Anne's Church, 106 Highgate West Hill
N6 6AP
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Cost £12 in advance [plus booking fee]; £15 on the door; £6 children