Workshop for flute and recorder consorts [Suffolk]

Saturday 04 August 2018
09:30 to 16:30

A day working on Renaissance and Baroque music for flutes and recorders, with individual lessons as an option. While primarily intended for adults, younger players are welcome too, by arrangement. 


The day will be held in the seaside town of Aldeburgh, and will cost £30 per player for group lessons.. For those attending group sessions and individual lessons, the cost will be £50 per players.

There will be at least two group sessions, with time to east lunch and explore the sea front at Aldeburgh too.


Please let me know if 

[a] you would like to attend

[b] which instrument you play [including recorder sizes]

[c] whether you would be interested in an individual lesson 


Our pitch for the day will be A=440, but if there is sufficient interest in playing at A=415 it would be possible to run individual lessons on Baroque instruments or form a small group in the future.



Contact William
07949 652 315
Aldeburgh Music Room