Yuletide pretty meats and cherry pops [Rye]

Friday 01 December 2017
20:30 to 23:00

Completely different from my usual early music concerts...


As the fawning lights encroach around every corner, and the murky fog smirks like an insinuating, co-dependent drunk, the season of rictus-enabled shopping is close at hand. BUT… s new force is afoot in Rye with a mission to fight the beigeness of lounge-sensibility, to slap the nodding dogs of mawkishness with the wet fish of fine wit, acerbic tinsel-darts and a complete lack of empathy. 


Antony Elvin is sometimes described as a combination of Noel Coward and David Essex. His songs combine verbal wit and attention to detail with strong presence worthy of a Hitchcock film. Like a transplanted Henry Mayhew, he documents and then picks holes in the frayed edges of the life of the London poor, describing the coping strategies of the precariat and their patrons. 

William Summers masquerades as The Tudor Unit, bringing musical pipes from across the ages to flutter around the crannies of wheedling faces and the nooks of a dodgy deal. 


Holly-Jane Shears fuses dark comedy with synth pop in DeadDogInBlackBag, provoking shudders of laughter and shivers of recognition with a voice as sweet as cherry pop. Her retro take on future hopes terrifies and entertains, guaranteed to make the listener dance like a demented ferret on a relationship-rebound. Catchy, retro and wistfully modern, DDIBB’s hard surfaces and postmodern electro pop suggest structural uncertainty and a vertiginous identity crisis.



Contact William Summers
07949 652 315
World of Legend, 55 The Mint
East Sussex
TN31 7EN
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Cost £15. Book via 01797 222 942 or http://www.legend-photography.com/shop--