Airs for the seasons [Twickenham]

Thursday 21 July 2016
19:30 to 21:30

Flute, harp and ‘cello sounds like  such an obvious combination to modern ears, that is hard to believe that it was  was a relatively new concept in the 18th century. Although all three achieved recognisable forms in the late 17th century, each was undergoing rapid developments in construction and design and composers were beginning to explore the way in which their tones and timbres, quite unlike their modern counterparts, interacted with each other.


Here we explore a programme of music from the cutting edge on the late 18th C,including a trio composed for harpist Edward Jones by J C Bach, sonatas with continuo by Abel,  Cirri, and Paxton, and  a selection of charming suites by James Oswald, each named after a seasonal plant of flower, and maybe a social dance tune or two.

 William Summers - Baroque Flute

Mike Parker - Pedal Harp

Rosemary Edwards - Baroque Cello

Contact William Summers
07949 652 315
Strawberry Hill House, 268 Waldegrave Road
Strawberry Hill
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Cost £10 in advance, £13 on the door; £5 for children