Winter Sun

Friday 19 December 2014
18:00 to 20:00

Minstrel trio Princes in the Tower perform at the launch of a light installation and social space designed by Kim Coleman and James Bowthorpe in collaboration with architect Andrew Lock, in Kings Cross, London. Princes play again on Friday 19th. December, and other events including workshops for children take place at other times.



Princes in the Tower are a mischievous minstrel trio peeping through windows and telling tall tales from Tudor palaces, singing low songs from the tavern and lurching around ships, avoiding work and falling prey to sickness, love and debt.


Taking songs from the glory days of Tudor life and the coffee daze of Restoration London - and the sacred dais of Medieval Christmas - they steal malleable songs to hammer home historical vignettes with Glam-Rock beats, Punkish performance and a mystifying array of instruments including cittern, lute, recorder, drums, percussion, crumhorn, flute, rauschpfeife and frog.


With Morris dancers, they will celebrate the leaping sun and the shining hare, soon to return within our circles, brought back by mass singing, dancing, joking, mathematical puzzles and generally circular behaviour.


Micahel Tyack - Voice, Lute, Cittern

William Summers - wind instruments, Voice

Antony Elvin - Percussion, Voice


Contact William Summers
07949 652 315
Granary Square [starting in the Crossing inside]
Kings Cross
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Cost Free [except for the bar]